The Finnish Lure Company is a lure workshop founded by Jarmo Rapala in 2006. We at The Finnish Lure Company appreciate and treasure traditional craftsmanship in lure making. Our products are the finest Finnish lures, crafted individually by our professional team. Our selection of lures includes the best of original Finnish masterpieces and some modern designs.

Our collection includes the brands LGH, JAN, E.V.Trutta, Karikko, Turus Ukko and Ukko Jerk that are all popular and well known by the Finnish fishermen. All our brands are made for fishermen that understand the meaning of quality craftsmanship in the use of a lure - that is, not any mass-manufactured piece of plastic will tempt the fish to strike. And also the fact that quality work has its value. The required amount of work in dozens of work phases that it takes to manufacture one lure guarantees that our lures will never be mass-manufactured.


“We don’t want to make everything for everyone. The basic principle of our business is that we make as good lures as a fisherman can make for another fisherman.” - Jarmo Rapala



A carving knife has always fitted in the hand of a Finnish man. Craftsmanship has been required when carving lures out of a piece of wood and later of other materials. Starting from Hermit Pylväläinen and Lauri Rapala, there are many Finnish lure makers that have gained international reputation; Leo Gunnar Hacklin, Erkki VIrolainen, Jouko Antero Niemivaara, Esko Rapala

The lure makers in Suomen Uistin continue the methods of the masters. They don’t just design, but also personally manufacture the model versions of their lures and test their swim action and fish catching. Among the lure crafters are Ilpo Haverinen and Jarmo Rapala that have made a long career in Rapala Company, Arja Asikainen, who has manufactured Karikko-lures from the very beginning and Veli-Pekka Sahinoja, who has crafted Turus Ukko -lures for decades. When combined, they have over 100 years of experience of making lures.

Representatives of the modern lure making generation are Janne Koivisto and Toni Halme, who have both designed their own lures and renewed successfully the models designed by the old masters.